Liza dolina sings russian romances and songs

The choir also sings folk music, mostly from Russia and other republics of the former Soviet Union. We devote much attention to authenticity of arrangements and of singing style: this is not the folk repertoire that was presented as Russian in the days of stagnation, but the real thing, which is often bawdy and always entertaining. Folk rituals, such as gadalki and koliadki, also form part of our repertoire, as do some Russian dances. We perform in traditional Russian costume.

He completed the full score of the opera in Florence in only 44 days. [2] Later on, working with the tenor who was to perform the lead character's part, he created two versions of Herman's aria in the seventh scene, using different keys. The changes can be found in the proof sheets and inserts for the first and second editions of the printed version of the score.