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(This was not an accident. A critical and predictable weakness of the 2009 stimulus is that House Democrats and the White House negotiated it in just a few weeks. In the unnecessary haste, there was no serious consideration given to long-term needs in infrastructure, for example. With presidential leadership we could -- and should -- have forged a decade-long strategy. Now we have no such strategy in place or likely to come into place.). Later stimulus packages (such as the 2010 two-year extension of the Bush tax cuts) have been even more weighted towards temporary tax cuts.

https:///chicagosprogressivetalk/professor-jeffrey-winters-talks-income-inequality-on-the-wayne-besen-show-12116 ?

An article on July 26 about urban evolution described the rise of nonnative Oriental bittersweet vines incorrectly. The vines are outcompeting American bittersweet in a 50-mile radius of New York City, research by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden has found; they are not replacing American bittersweet at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

There was one more detail of great policy significance: Not all bed nets are equal. The high-quality bed nets work not only mechanically (by covering the body) but also chemically, by a treatment with insecticide that repels or kills mosquitoes that land on the bed net. A bed net without insecticide treatment is far less effective than a treated net. Until the early 2000s, bed nets required frequent retreatment with insecticide (. by bathing the nets in tubs filled with insecticide) in order to remain effective. Then, Sumitomo Chemical developed long-lasting insecticide-treated nets (LLINs) that were specially engineered to keep the insecticide intact even when the nets were repeatedly washed. The new nets could therefore remain effective for around five years or even more. Other companies, such as Vestergaard and BASF, also developed their own varieties of LLINs. This was a great breakthrough, but the new nets were more expensive to manufacture than the preceding generation of simpler nets. (In the photo above, South Sudanese children are taught how to use LLINs.)

 · Aug 11, 2017 Jeffrey D. Sachs The US political system is falling apart, with the Trump administration having proved unable to manage a domestic economic ...

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Xi’s predecessor, Hu Jintao, promoted the Confucian-sounding pursuit of a “Harmonious Society,” where growth was no longer sufficient and harmony would serve as the basis for a balanced society and reduce internal conflict. Hu also introduced a list of 16 do’s and don’ts, the so-called “ Eight Honors and Eight Shames ,” which included stressing the values of nationalism and the Confucian virtues of duty, hard work and plain living.

Prof Jeffrey White The Soul Stirring Crusade Choir Free Have Faith In GodProf Jeffrey White The Soul Stirring Crusade Choir Free Have Faith In GodProf Jeffrey White The Soul Stirring Crusade Choir Free Have Faith In GodProf Jeffrey White The Soul Stirring Crusade Choir Free Have Faith In God