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The Voyage uses two blue, 24-passenger trains made by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company . Each train is made up of six cars that hold four riders each. Each car has two rows holding two riders each. Each row has a seat divider that separates the two riders in that row and ensures each rider remains in a position allowing their restraints to work effectively. Since The Voyage uses the same trains that The Raven and The Legend use, the restraints are the same - an individual ratcheting lap bar and an individual, two-point lap belt . [10]

Guests aboard our Transatlantic cruises enjoy a wide range of on board activities. Transatlantic voyages are typically about 13 days, which means plenty of time to indulge in our 5-star Dream Cuisine, enjoy your favorite signature cocktail, or take advantage of our other remarkable and included amenities. Be sure to try something delightfully different, like our Raw or Living Food options. While crossing the Atlantic, you might spend time at the only Thai-Certified Spa at sea, participate in a round of golf in the Golf Simulator, or attend some of the guest speaker events on select voyages. Weather-permitting, you might even get to stop mid-voyage and enjoy a swim in the ocean right from our marina platform.

What’s fascinating about most of the artist’s Polynesian output is that the greens — all-pervading on the islands, as nature runs wild and free pretty much everywhere — aren’t all that present in the paintings. Instead, Gauguin often foregrounds the primary colors and green finds its place as a secondary color alongside orange, purple and the rich, saturated browns of the skin tones. This means that Deluc and Cottereau are freed, artistically, as they can’t slavishly reproduce the suggestive color-palette of Koke’s Polynesian paintings. Indeed, treen is the dominant color during the daytime scenes and the film also contains more than a few nighttime sequences, with its rich blacks also contrasting with Gauguin’s output. The only concession the filmmakers have made is the decision to shoot practically everything in shallow focus, flattening the surfaces and reducing the screen to what’s essentially a gigantic canvas rather than a window onto another reality.

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On the second part of his journey, he proceeded from this spot to the skies (heavens). Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw), then observed the stars and the systems of the world and conversed with the souls of the previous prophets, and also with the angels of the heavens, peace and blessing be upon them all. Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) saw the centre of the tortures and the blessings (hell and heaven) and became fully aware of the secrets of creation, the extent of the universe and the signs of the Omnipotent Allah (swt).

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Various The Voyage BeyondVarious The Voyage BeyondVarious The Voyage BeyondVarious The Voyage Beyond