Mary johnson hard forgetting memories

Sweet was born to Beverly Johnson and an unnamed father in  Los Santos . He was later present at the births of his three younger siblings, Carl , Kendl , and Brian . Carl described Sweet as "the man of the house" , since they barely knew their father. Sweet was also often bringing necessary money to the family through robbing other people. After 1987 , Sweet became the leader of the  Grove Street Families  and recruited Big Smoke. Later on, Ryder and Carl joined the gang. His younger brother Brian died in an accident, which Sweet blamed on his other brother Carl; this resulted in Carl leaving for Liberty City . Sweet then moved out into his own house , next door to his childhood home. As stated by Big Bear during a deleted dialogue between himself and CJ , after Brian's death, and CJ's departure, Sweet became a "hard man to be with", and when the Seville Boulevard and Temple Drive sets split up from the Grove, Sweet didn't do anything about it, which was one of the major factors in Big Bear's defection, and Grove Street's loss of power and influence.

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The family dynamics soon changed with Godwin's marriage to Mary Jane Clairmont in 1801. Clairmont brought her own two children into the union, and she and Godwin later had a son together. Shelley never got along with her stepmother. Her stepmother decided that her stepsister Jane (later Claire) should be sent away to school, but she saw no need to educate Shelley.

Mary Johnson Hard Forgetting MemoriesMary Johnson Hard Forgetting MemoriesMary Johnson Hard Forgetting MemoriesMary Johnson Hard Forgetting Memories