Klan pushin too hard

With all due respect to Wade and to Dr. Kennedy, I would like to offer a dissenting view of Lincoln. I assert that Lincoln’s conversion at Gettysburg was a chronological disaster for America. Had he been a faith-filled Christian at the time of his election, our great country may have avoided the awfulness of war. Instead, he conveyed a sacred status to the Union, a status that bordered on idolatry. Since his assassination, most Americans have accepted the Lincolnite view of a great American civil religion. Many Americans adopted the view that the Civil War was God’s way of purging the land of sin, ending slavery, and creating a monolithic American identity that had been threatened by Southern secession. America was thus a creation of the acts of God and should be held in high esteem. Covering all the denominational differences was an emerging civil religion and Lincoln was the iconic figure.

Lincoln believed that secession was illegal and that Southerners were in rebellion against the United States. Did he have a choice in going to war? Of course. Did Jefferson Davis have a choice in going to war? Of course. One was willing to go to war and one was willing to accept it….and the war came. I have difficult time believing that our so-called Civil War can be attributed to the divine plans of the Prince of Peace.

Had Lincoln been a faith-filled Christian at the time of his election, he may have sought to avoid war. Instead, he was willing to commence a war not only on Southerners, but also on the civil rights and liberties of Northerners. He claimed that the Union was in peril. Well, HIS Union was in peril, but one must remember that there was still a United States – it just had fewer states after the South left.

Perhaps more disturbing is that Lincoln blamed God for the war. Far from being “the most spiritual speech ever given by any statesman in the world," his Second Inaugural Address is simply an exercise in passing the buck. If one can shed his or her blinding Lincoln worship for a moment, one would see that Lincoln was saying that God ordained slavery for a time, then decided that slavery must end, then brought about a great war to end slavery because the North and South had refused to do so. If we accept Lincoln’s view, then we should blame God for the hundreds of thousands of deaths and the unprecedented misery suffered by Americans from 1861 to 1876.

Perhaps the most paradoxical issue is that Lincoln was as guilty of allowing slavery to exist beyond “His appointed time” as were Southerners. He made war to prevent the South from leaving the Union, not to free slaves. His Emancipation Proclamation actually freed no one and was, as Lincoln put it “a fit and necessary war measure” aimed at undermining the Confederate war effort. It did change the character of the war and made abolition a goal of the war. More importantly, it put a label on a process that was already underway because slaves had already begun liberating themselves.

Had Lincoln been a faith-filled Christian earlier in his life, he may have been free from the racist attitudes that plagued America in the nineteenth century. Instead he held racial assumptions of white supremacy that, in modern times, one would attribute to the skinheads and members of the Ku Klux Klan. To be sure, white supremacy was pervasive in American culture so Lincoln is not to be criticized for sharing the views of his fellow Americans.

Regarding the Gettysburg Address, it is bad history and another Lincoln exercise in political buck-passing. No nation was created in 1776. It took a war and then several years to create the United States of America. What happened in 1776 was a declaration of independence of the British North American colonies from the empire of Great Britain. Put more succinctly, the colonies seceded from Great Britain! (they later seceded from the Articles of Confederation to create the Constitution…and the government we have now.) Seen this way, the creation of the United States was the result of contingent actions taken by American colonists to secure the rights as enumerated by the Declaration of Independence.

To Lincoln’s credit, he was more progressive with his acceptance and promotion of free labor and American capitalism and the expansion of these ideas across the developing nation. Slavery was indeed an evil institution. Lincoln believed that if slavery could not spread, it would eventually die. Hence, He and the Republican were willing to allow slavery to continue in the South, even to the point of supporting a constitutional amendment in hopes of keeping the Southern states in the Union. Ironically, it would have been the Thirteenth Amendment, which was the number of the one that eventually ended slavery

We flirt with idolatry by assigning such a sacred status to our nation and to the mere mortal Abraham Lincoln. On the back inside cover of a Southern Baptist Sunday School quarterly is a picture of the Lincoln Memorial with the “house divided” quote. I believe it was originally spoken by someone with true authority and in the context of a spiritual nature……and I am sure He was not an American. God forgive us for compromising His gospel for the sake of American civil religion and the pseudo-deification of Abraham Lincoln.

Scott. You dont have to be extravagantly smart, I am not blaming you for making money & being successful, but when you pretend to do ethno-anthroplogy & archeology,you need to know the basics. Personally (my humble opinion) I think Geologists should stick to geology, not attempting to rewrite history.

As for the History Channel, I see them as a nest of unrepentant bag men dealing in cheap commercial sensationalism. The genius of marketing dysfunctional mediocrity.

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Klan Pushin Too HardKlan Pushin Too HardKlan Pushin Too HardKlan Pushin Too Hard