Buddy holly that tex mex sound

Willie Nelson, as pictured on the cover of the 2003 release Essential Willie Nelson. His "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" comes in at no. 4 on the list. hide caption

Those were also the years of consumerism, of shopping malls, of tv commercials, of fast food (the first McDonald's restaurant had opened in 1955), of appliances, of "plastic fantastic", of Disneyland (that had opened in 1955 and represented a metaphor for the artificial life of the economic boom). It was still an age of routine lives with well-defined roles both in the family, in the community and at work, although the triumph of the suburban bourgeoisie had slightly changed the stereotypes of husband and wife, of neighborhood and of workplace. Suburban life emanated a reassuring sense of "artificial" that replaced the insecurity of down-to-earth rural life.

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Buddy Holly That Tex Mex SoundBuddy Holly That Tex Mex SoundBuddy Holly That Tex Mex SoundBuddy Holly That Tex Mex Sound