Mighty sparrow tattooed lady

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Calypso is much more than a dance music in its native Trinidad, where it functions as a kind of up-to-date gossip sheet full of sharp social and political satire. The foremost practitioner of this fascinating genre is Slinger Francisco , known to the rest of the world as Mighty Sparrow . With over 70 albums to his credit, Sparrow is a wry and confident songwriter, and humor is one his primary tools in skewering the little absurdities he sees around him. His arrangements are full, busy, and rhythmic, so you can dance to this stuff; but even more, you can delight in the lyrics, which come with a constant wink and a smile. On the delightful "Pyramid Scam," he takes on triangle money schemes and sums the whole matter up with the blunt lines "The only way this thing will stop/You have to beat somebody up," delivered with an energetic brightness only calypso can manage. "Sanford & Son" is another highlight, and, yes, it is a song about the television show. This is a warm-hearted collection and a fine introduction to a wonderful musical style and to one of its best artists.

Mighty Sparrow Tattooed LadyMighty Sparrow Tattooed LadyMighty Sparrow Tattooed LadyMighty Sparrow Tattooed Lady