Lothar and the hand people space hymn

Born into the House of Metternich in 1773, the son of a diplomat, he was named after his godfather, Clement-Wenceslas, Archbishop of Trier . Metternich received a good education at the universities of Strasbourg and Mainz . He was of help during the coronation of Francis II in 1792 and that of his predecessor, Leopold II , in 1790. After a brief trip to England, Metternich was named as the Austrian ambassador to the Netherlands, a short-lived post, since the country was brought under French control the next year. He married his first wife, Eleonore von Kaunitz (a descendant of Karolina of Legnica-Brieg ), in 1795, which aided his entry into Viennese society. Despite having numerous affairs, he was devastated by her death in 1825. He would later remarry, wedding Baroness Antoinette Leykam in 1827 and, after her death in 1829, Countess Melanie Zichy-Ferraris in 1831. She would predecease him by five years. Before taking office as Foreign Minister, Metternich held numerous smaller posts, including ambassadorial roles in the Kingdom of Saxony , the Kingdom of Prussia and Napoleonic France. One of Metternich's sons, Richard von Metternich , was also a successful diplomat; many of Metternich's twelve other acknowledged children predeceased him. A traditional conservative , Metternich was keen to maintain the balance of power , in particular by resisting Russian territorial ambitions in Central Europe and lands belonging to the Ottoman Empire . He disliked liberalism and worked to prevent the breakup of the Austrian empire, for example, by crushing nationalist revolts in Austrian north Italy and the German states. At home, he pursued a similar policy, using censorship and a wide ranging spy network to suppress unrest.

Note: All electronic music on this album was created and realized by the Hand People on Moog Synthesizer and Lothar, the Theremin.

Lothar And The Hand People Space HymnLothar And The Hand People Space HymnLothar And The Hand People Space HymnLothar And The Hand People Space Hymn