Jerms nobody baby baby love

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Students at College High learn about welding benefits from Preston Scott: (left to right) Nicky Eccleston; Duane Price; Tommy Sparks and Dicky Carlton.

**This post is a snapshot of a moment in time. For the past 8 years I have been compiling and organizing the history of every band that ever played in Bartlesville from the early 1900s through 1979. I had no idea of the mountains of information that would be involved when I first started the project, but we are almost finished with our database, and this year I will be publishing ‘THE CIVIC CENTER YEARS’. Every week I will be taking excerpts from this project and posting them on my blog. Believe me, when I finally get this book published, it will be the most complete and comprehensive book on the early Bartlesville music scene to date! If you have information, pictures, paper memorabillia, etc that you would like to share with this project, please  email me at [email protected] . You can also mail information to me at . Box 814, Bartlesville, Oklahoma 74005. Hurry! In the interim, I will be posting blogs about The Flippers, Rodney Lay, Spider and the Crabs, the Blue Things, Fungus, the Four Faces of Eve, the Acemen, and all of your favorite groups! Every Friday night at 9:00 I will be posting a new group bio from the old days. Yep, I remember Friday and Saturday nights at the Civic Center, 9:00 sharp, the dance started! And at midnight sharp the dance would stop! GO WILDCATS!  

Sam Dees's Lonely For You Baby can also be found on Trikont's Down & Out: The Sad Soul of the Black South (Trikont is known for it's interestingly themed compilation like their Dead & Gone compilation of death songs). It's one of the few songs that sounded familiar to me on this compilation, maybe because it has a classic soul sound (or probably sounds like a more popular soul song I can't place). It's got a great piano led melody and a soulful lead vocal by Sam, backed by some sassy horns and background vocals.

Jerms Nobody Baby Baby Love