Sam nesbit black mother goose chase those clouds away

The next day, at the beach, Pleakley and Jumba once again make an attempt to capture Stitch but fail yet again. Soon after their latest fail, the Grand Councilwoman contacts Pleakley and fires them. As a result, Jumba now has no restrictions on the capture of Stitch and can cause as much destruction as he wants. After a destructive battle in Lilo's house with Stitch, Lilo is accidentally kidnapped by Gantu , who was hired by the Grand Councilwoman to capture Stitch in place of Pleakley and Jumba. The duo successfully captures Stitch anyway but are confronted by Nani, who witnessed Lilo's kidnapping and blamed Stitch for it. Jumba agrees to help Nani and Stitch rescue Lilo with Pleakley joining reluctantly. They chase after Gantu with their ship. Stitch successfully rescues Lilo and when they return to the island, the Grand Councilwoman leaves Stitch in the custody of Lilo and Nani. Jumba and Pleakley are also left behind on Earth and become additions to Lilo's "ohana".

There are some heart-stopping moments to propel the narrative along, especially if you were paying attention during the 1980s when the Rainbow Warrior set out to stop French nuclear testing in the Pacific, and if you remember  any of the ocean rescues of lone sailors.   I’ll leave it to the blurb to have the final word:

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"It was dark and there was a big rain storm during the riot," says Mr Anderson. "At the trial not one civilian could identify a soldier firing shots that killed people."

Maureen Stapleton won the Best Supporting Actress award for her portrayal of earthy, disillusioned, and despairing revolutionary-anarchist Emma Goldman in Reds . This was her fourth and final career nomination and only successful one - she had been nominated three times previously for Best Supporting Actress in 1958 (for Lonelyhearts (1958) ), 1970 (for Airport (1970) ), and in 1978 (for Interiors (1978) ). All of her nominations were for films with one word titles! The other Best Supporting Actress nominees included:

Sam Nesbit Black Mother Goose Chase Those Clouds Away