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His first hit from Holloway Road reached in the UK: John Leyton 's " Johnny Remember Me " (1961) written by active psychic Geoff Goddard . This "death ditty" was cleverly promoted by Leyton's manager, expatriate Australian entrepreneur Robert Stigwood . Stigwood was able to gain Leyton a booking to perform the song several times in an episode of Harpers West One , a short-lived ITV soap opera [11] in which he was making a guest appearance. Meek's third UK and last major success was with the Honeycombs ' " Have I the Right? " in 1964, which also became a number 5 hit on the American Billboard pop charts. The success of Leyton's recordings was instrumental in establishing Stigwood and Meek as two of Britain's first independent record producers.

While the FBI’s Philadelphia field office would not confirm the existence of an investigation, per Bureau policy, the possibility that a federal agency could be looking into Brinkley’s courtroom activities adds an interesting wrinkle to the ongoing drama.

It’s important to note that during this period, Meek was (admittedly) battling an addiction to both lean and Percocet. He’s spoken about it in multiple interviews. In his own words, he got “lost in the sauce.”

Brinkley also questioned the rapper’s contentions that he should be freed to maintain an active role in the lives of his son and mother.

Much of the film is given to chronicling his relationship with Heinz Burt, the German-born singer and bass player who became his protégé and lover. As played by J J Feild, Burt is a preening, narcissistic figure of only moderate ability. Meek, obsessed by the 1960 horror film Village of the Damned, persuaded him to dye his hair blond. Like Henry Higgins with Eliza Doolittle, Meek was determined to transform Heinz Burt. He lavished money on him and tried to make him into a star but fans stubbornly resisted.

Joe Meek The Joe Meek StoryJoe Meek The Joe Meek StoryJoe Meek The Joe Meek StoryJoe Meek The Joe Meek Story