Oquarteto o quarteto

Quartet’s 6 balanced 1/4” TRS outputs offer an impressive range of possibilities. Listen and compare stereo mixes on up to three sets of speakers.

Issue #4 (May 1962) reintroduced Namor the Sub-Mariner , [11] an aquatic antihero who was a star character of Marvel's earliest iteration, Timely Comics , during the late 1930s and 1940s period that historians and fans call the Golden Age of Comics . Issue #5 (July 1962) introduced the team's most frequent nemesis, Doctor Doom . [12] These earliest issues were published bimonthly. With issue #16 (July 1963), the cover title dropped its The and became simply Fantastic Four .

The Be Sharps' singing voices were provided by the four members of The Dapper Dans , a barbershop quartet that performs at Disneyland in Anaheim, California . Before working on the episode, Martin had seen one of the quartet's performances and enjoyed it. When the episode's production began, he contacted the quartet, and they agreed to make a guest appearance in the episode. The Dapper Dans' singing was intermixed with the normal voice actors' voices, often with a regular voice actor singing the melody and The Dapper Dans providing backup. [4]

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