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There you go ! I have added almost all the people who have worked in the first season. You can get the idea about the Season 2 Cast   From there only.

Formed the second version of  .  Started work on Art portfolio inspired by Warhol and Gilbert and George. 1983: About to start Art college when . signed to ZTT and recorded  RELAX .

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In a 1989 issue of NME, a review of Blast spoke of the song, stating "Anyone with a mind will have loved 'Love Train', a disco anthem of love with its ace lyric 'You're a work of art/You're the Trevi Fountain/You're a golden heart/You're the highest mountain' and will have sussed the acid irony of 'Americanos'. If not, why bother with pop?" [10]

My wife suggested to me that I write an article about staying healthy while working in an office. Well, we’ve all read that article a thousand times before. So I decided to take that cliche article and write Eight Creative Ways to Lose Weight in the Cubicle where I encouraged readers to engage in Butt-Clinch Pick-Up-Pens and King of the Cubicle.

Holly Hobo JoeHolly Hobo JoeHolly Hobo JoeHolly Hobo Joe