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Impulse was ABC's jazz label. Mono albums used the "A" prefix, and stereo albums used the "AS" prefix. Several of the later issues were also available in quadraphonic. These are indicated by the prefix "AQ".

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Picked up to series
STUDIO:  Warner Bros TV/Piece of Pie Productions/A Very Good Productions
TEAM:  Emily Kapnek (w, ep), Ellen DeGeneres (ep), Jeff Kleeman (ep), Mette Heeno (ep), Mie Andreasen (ep), Hella Joof (ep), Dean Holland (d)
LOGLINE:  The story of a couple whose marriage is reignited by their divorce. Based on the 2016 Danish series.
CAST: Jenna Fischer, Oliver Hudson, Bobby Lee, Diane Farr, Lindsay Price, Olivia Keville, Van Crosby, Sander Thomas

However, Fox Family's youth-oriented programming strategy alienated the network's core demographic of older viewers. The channel experienced a decline in viewership, [22] falling in the Nielsen ratings from 10th to 17th place in overall cable network viewership, and a 35% drop in its prime time viewership. [22] [26] In 1999, Fox spun off two digital cable channels from Fox Family, the Boyz Channel and the Girlz Channel, which both contained programming content targeted at the respective genders. Both networks shut down after one year of operation due to a lack of demand by cable providers (each only had 100,000 subscribers) and News Corporation's desire to invest more heavily in the parent channel. [27]

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