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Jack Leroy "Jackie" Wilson (June 9, 1934 – January 21, 1984) was an American soul and R&B singer born in Detroit, Michigan, where he became active in the music business. He joined Billy Ward and his Dominoes in 1953, replacing Clyde McPhatter . After losing McPhatter, the group's only recording success with Wilson came in June of 1956 with the single "St. Therese of The Roses" that reached number 13 on the Pop charts.

At some point, both of us had a conversion, and thus, a change of heart. We both realized that our desire to be “sexy” and “provocative,” was just a twisting of the God-given desire to be beautiful. The desire to be noticed for our beauty is stamped within our feminine hearts. As women, we were created to reveal the beauty of God. Our bodies are inherently beautiful. That’s why you don’t see billboards for beer and cars using men in speedos to sell their product. You see women scantily clad in bikinis or low-cut shirts to sell products. It’s easy to get attention with Saran wrap outfits just as it is easy to pick up the “sexy” Halloween costume. But the scantily clad outfit and the sexy Halloween costume are really both the same thing. They are both costumes – concealing who we really are. Truth is, we are more than a collection of body parts. The culture tells us that this is what real beauty is. But deep down in our hearts, we ask, “Is this what we were made for? For our beauty to be objectified and pornified? To be noticed merely for outward beauty? For my sexual values?”

Jackie Wilson I Believe Ill Love OnJackie Wilson I Believe Ill Love OnJackie Wilson I Believe Ill Love OnJackie Wilson I Believe Ill Love On